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Read One Book a Day

Some of you out there reading this heading might think I am crazy. Is it really easy to read books each day? Does not that take  forever to do? You might be thinking that I would not have time to do anything else with my day if I read 1 book each day. Well I do, in fact I have a lot of time to do other things. I´m currently earning my own money online, I am a mother of two beautiful children and happily married. I´m definitely not a super woman, I love to relax and chill aswell. Watch a movie and not think about anything. So how is this possible? Well, let me explain!

how to read a book a day
Kathleen explains how to read a book a day!

The trick of reading One book a day

So, what´s the secret to all this? Do I read a lot faster than anyone else? Well, yes and now. I think I read quite fast, but this is not the ultimate secret to how to read one book a day. The trick here is to not read the whole actual book. Yes, that’s right, I do not read the whole book. “Well than this is cheating! You’re not reading 1 book a day!”, some of you might be saying. Let me explain:

Each author that is about to write a book often time has 1 idea or piece of knowledge that they want to share. From that idea or piece of knowledge they write a book. But they do not only write about this idea, they build up a story surrounding this idea. The trick to read a book day is to find this piece of knowledge, or as i like to call them: “gold pieces”, as quick as possible. For example, skim through the beginning of the book, find the gold piece, then move on to another book.

A video explaining this

Let me know what you think!

Do you think this sounds strange? Please let me know, I want to interact with you guys. I can highly recommend this method, It let’s you pick up more valuable knowledge faster. Not bad at all if you ask me.

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