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Good blogs
Tim Blair
Moira Breen (Inappropriate)
Shiloh Bucher (Dropscan)
Andrew Hofer (More than Zero)
Jeff Jarvis
Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs)
Mickey Kaus (Kausfiles)
Ken Layne
Frederik Norman
Damian Penny (Daimnation)
Virginia Postrel (Dynamist)
Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)
Bruce Rolston (Flit)
Rand Simberg
Natalie Solent
Bjorn Staerk
Andrew Sullivan
Matt Welch

C Man (Sackmann)
Cranky Prof (Tinkler)

No.2 Pencil (Swygert)


Education links
California Network of Educational Charters
Center for Education Reform
Charter Friends National Network
CharterTeach (links good charter schools with experienced teachers)
Downtown College Prep (charter school in San Jose)
Education News (excerpts stories published elsewhere)
Education Next (magazine published by Hoover)
Education Week
Education Trust (poor kids can learn if taught well)
Fordham Foundation (education excellence)
Great (info, including test scores, on California schools)

National Center for Education Statistics
No Excuses (lessons from high-performing, high-poverty schools)
U.S. Charter Schools