How Can I Reduce My High Blood Pressure – Good Reading ?>

How Can I Reduce My High Blood Pressure – Good Reading

High blood pressure is one of the most common diseases out in the world today. Our lifestyle plays an important role in the control and treatment of high blood pressure. A healthy lifestyle helps reduce the need of medication.
Eat a healthy diet
Eating a good healthy meal that is rich in whole grain, fruits and vegetables lowers the body pressure up to 14 mm Hg. Some of the ways in which you can eat a healthy diet are keeping a food diary, be a smart shopper and consider boosting potassium. This will help in changing your diet plan since most people find it hard to change.

Eradicate sodium in your diet

Reduction of small amount of sodium in your food can reduce blood pressure. Sodium affects different people according to their ages. Low sodium intake is necessary for people with salt sensitivity.
Reading of food labels, eating fewer processed foods, and avoiding adding salt to food are some of the ways of reducing the intake of sodium.

Exercise regularly

Exercise Regulary

Regular exercising lowers your blood pressure by up to 4-9mm Hg. Full blown hypertension can be avoided from slight high blood pressure by exercising more. Blood pressure can be brought down to safer levels through regular physical activity, more information.
The most appropriate types of exercise for blood pressure patients are walking, jogging, swimming, or dancing. The patient should consider developing an exercise program.

Lose weight

Weight increase increases blood pressure. Being overweight can cause disrupted breathing and this can raise the blood pressure. Losing weight is one of the most important steps for controlling blood pressure.
Keeping an eye on the waistline is also important. Having too much weight on the waist can lead to a risk of high blood pressure.
Limit the amount of alcohol intake
Limited amount of alcohol can lower the blood pressure but too much alcohol can lead to serious effects to a person suffering from blood pressure. It can raise high blood pressure to several points and also reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

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